Working with the team at Basepoint to create an engaging bespoke Intranet.

Client Overview

Basepoint Business Centres provide a wide range of high quality workspaces to let, including serviced and managed offices, workshops, trade counters and studios.


After the successful launch of the Basepoint website, we were tasked with creating a fun and engaging bespoke intranet for the staff at Basepoint. This was to focus on bringing together the team which is based at 29 different locations.

In a fairly cluttered marketplace this website needs to stand out from its competitors.

  • Basepoint Intranet Login
  • Basepoint Intranet Dashboard
  • Basepoint Intranet Game


The creative team focussed on creating a timeline style for the intranet allowing the staff to post to categories, comment and engage with all the latest stories. We also created a custom document management system, helping share important documents across the organisation. The final touch was a custom game (space invaders) with high scores to add that competitive edge.