Developing an established brand for publicity materials and ongoing marketing.


Barnardo’s had been commissioned by Bucks County Council to run eleven new Centres. They are still Sure Start Centres, like any other Children’s Centres you may have heard about, but they are run by Barnardo’s staff rather than County Council employees.

Barnardo’s where looking for a way to identify the new Barnardo’s Children’s Centres in Bucks, they wanted a common logo with the ability of naming them individually, based on location.

Key staff consulted with children and selected the child’s image of caterpillar and butterfly.

The developed logo would need to be applied to uniforms, letterheads, signage, and all other promotional material. There are a total of 11 centres each requiring variants of the new brand.

All the branding needed to be in keeping with the current Barnardo’s guidelines and in sympathy with the main sponsors’ requirements.

Combining the established Barnardo’s logo we recreated the childlike illustration of the caterpillar and butterfly. This is now the basis for all the visual branding of the 11 Buckinghamshire centres staffed by Barnardo’s.

This has resulted in the design of a general leaflet used by all the staff at the centres as an introductory publicity item. Illustrations provided the basis for a clean and accessible feel, while the use of clear space allowed the reader to access the detailed information quickly.

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