A fully content managed and responsive website for luxury radiator brand, Iconic.

Launch Iconic


Artlines Media were commissioned to create a new website for Iconic to showcase their new range of luxury radiators & towel rails.

The website needed to have a luxurious yet minimalist quality yet still maintain function. The display of the collections needed to be visually led by making use of Iconic’s high quality & professional photography. Using dark elements mixed with bright teal, the design needed to amplify class.

It was essential to Iconic that the site behave and display correctly regardless of the user’s screen size. A lot of their audience would be coming from modern mobile devices, so interactive elements had to support touch and the site’s design had to adjust and display well at all browser widths.

From paper to Photoshop the creative team crafted the designs digitally, bringing the colour, typography and imagery to life. Using the multiple feature box area to really show off the great product imagery and unique style of these radiators.

Effective client communication is absolutely essential on a project of this size. We discuss progress with the client at every stage of the design and build - it’s simply the best way. This method is sometimes referred to as Agile project management. All communication was channeled through the excellent project management tool Basecamp. Keeping all discussions, files and to-do lists central meant nobody was ever out of the loop, and everyone could view the full project history.

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