Designing a new identity for an online supermarket which delivers fresh local produce


Artlines was approached by Ten Mile Menu, an online supermarket which delivers fresh local produce from the Chilterns, from their base in the Chilterns.

The task was a rebrand as well a website re-design. For the new identity, we had to investigate what the brand encompassed and put together key words to express the company’s ethics -  earthy, organic, rural, reliable, local, trusted, ethical.

We then foraged the internet to create a mood board to understand where we should start this journey.

How We Helped

Brand Development


Web Design

Ten Mile Menu - Mood Board

The best approach was to understand the shape of the Land Rover and what makes it so symbolic, we look at basic vector icons as well as complex line drawings.

Ten Mile Menu - Sketches

For the new identity we decided that we needed something super friendly and easy to use in many different mediums, it had to be something that is flexible and still possess the homemade feel.

Ten Mile Menu - Logo Ten Mile Menu - Colour Logo Ten Mile Menu - Printed Bags Ten Mile Menu - Business Cards Ten Mile Menu - Website

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