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Email List Corrections_
Email errors and list correction will be charged at £60 per hour


quantity per email

0 - 500 emails


501 - 1000 emails


1001 - 2000 emails


2001 - 3000 emails


Over 3000 emails


all are subject to vat at the current rate

everything_ email
In short, email marketing allows you to build a list of subscribers, people who are interested in your product or service, and quickly and easily send them information or news by email.

These emails can be information about sales, new products, events, new menu items, anything that will persuade them, to use your product or service. htmlmarketing drives traffic to your website from potential customers, and can build sales for your business.

email service_
Each email project will be discussed with the client to help maximise its efficiency. We will guide you through design, style, timings and all aspects of email marketing.

Planning is a vital part of your email marketing strategy, it may be necessary to plan a monthly, quarterly or annual campaign for maximum response and email list value.

design service_
Every email is designed for that individual client. They can contain many rich media formats as per any website page. This will help in attracting your end user to respond to the message of your email.

The charge for the email design is £70 + vat and is a fixed rate for all email designs. Plain text emails setup is charged at £35 + vat per email shot.