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Launch website

Pelham International

Artlines Media is proud to announce the launch of the new look website for Pelham International and Pelham Search Pacific.

Client Overview

Pelham is a leading International Executive Search Firm specialising in financial services. Founded in 1987, Pelham has forged close partnerships with a select group of clients in Europe and Asia working with them to help them achieve their strategic goals.


Pelham’s soul focus is on the quality of their services, and this isn’t something that was being conveyed by their previous website. The design was limited to an 800 by 600 pixel frame and appeared very out-dated.
All the content was there, but it wasn’t being put across effectively.


We decided to display all sections on a single page. Clicking a navigation link scrolls the page to the relevant section using a jQuery plug-in
Next, we separated the foreground from the background of the images and shifted their alignment based on the user’s scroll position, creating a subtle parallax effect.
Finally, we created custom overlays for the full-width Google Maps to display contact information.