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Web Design

There's no doubt that aesthetics play a crucial role in the experience your website delivers. A confusing layout will frustrate even the hardiest of visitors.

Through client meetings, we inspire with award-winning showcases, analyse competing websites and discuss colour, typography and other preferences. Once the direction has been agreed, our creative team will get to work designing beautiful concepts for key pages using Adobe's latest and greatest CS suite.

We welcome client feedback at this stage, making any necessary alterations before review and sign off.

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HTML5 Logo

HTML5 & Modern Web Technologies

HTML5 is the term given to emerging web technologies and standards, designed to support innovation and foster the full potential the web has to offer (W3C).

We take advantage of these new tools and features in HTML5 to develop functionality and user experience in browsers which support them, whilst accommodating for browsers which don't with compatibility tools such as Modernizr and graceful degradation techniques.

Content Management

A content management system (CMS) puts you in control of your website through an easy-to-use online interface.

We handle everything from installation to on-site training, showing you how easy it is manage every aspect of your website.

Our ever-evolving bespoke CMS Arena is perfect for many of our clients, however, we are happy to work with third-party PHP solutions.


  • Multiple users and permissions
  • Easy page creation and and updating
  • Manage multiple content types (news, blogs, events, etc.)
  • Drag-and-drop ordering of listed content
  • Simple WYSIWYG editing with CKeditor
  • On-site training


  • Light footprint
  • Simple to use & quick to integrate
  • Powerful template functionality
  • Flexible fields fit to your content
  • Add-ons & extensions
  • Active development community and excellent support

Expression Engine

  • Enterprise solution
  • Built on PHP framework codeigniter
  • Comprehensive security features
  • Powerful template and tag functionality
  • High quality extensions & add-ons
  • Easy integration into website
A-pelican Express


Setting up shop on the web may seem daunting, but Artlines is here to simplify the process.

We can develop custom solutions or use pre-built platforms, depending on budget, time-constraints and features. We also offer advice and guidance on the best payment processors for your project.

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Email Marketing

Quite simply, we provide managed email marketing solutions which are quick to deploy, cost effective and take much of the pain out of the marketing process.

Email marketing can increase traffic, build online prospects and win new customers. We offer a complete email marketing solution from campaign planning to creative execution, email deployment and tracking.