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Advertising can be a very accessible and persuasive marketing tool in business today. However, a good advert isnt just attractive images, colours combined with a clever message. It needs to be based on sound strategic thinking.

It should be built on an in-depth knowledge of the needs and aspirations of the customer, and it should convey the products /organisations core requirements in a clear and memorable way.

We also produce and put in place media schedules and campaigns for our clients.


Artlines Media Ltd has completed its new brochure. You can either contact us and we will send you one or download a copy here:


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A detailed brief must be developed with a designer, to help form a common understanding of objectives throughout a project..

Business Objectives
These are the goals of the project what do you want to achieve? These should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-related.

What is the history and current standing of the market/product/service? Who/what is the competition? What is your market? Who is/are the target audience/s?

Project Specifics
Include all technical requirements, manufacturing and distribution details, and environmental issues. Are there any constraints to consider?

All these considerations will help us as your designer to produce the most effective product for your business.