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Considering Transferring a Domain or Names Server?

View all blog entries Published | 10.17, 22nd of May 2009

Occasionally it is in the best interests of the client that we recommend a Domain or Names Server transfer. There are a few factors that need to be taken into consideration for this move.

It takes time
Once the changes have been made within the Domain Control Panel it can take anything up to 48-72 hours for a transfer to take place completely. It is also true that a website may appear on your machine in one location but not appear until a few hours later somewhere else. The reason for this is that it takes a full refresh of the worldwide network and this unfortunately is out of your control. In addition, .com Domains can take the most amount of time, although saying this all Domain transfers can take a matter of minutes if every major worldwide server refreshes at the same time.

It may cost money
Some hosts charge a fee for transferring away. This should be taken into consideration when you initially pay for the service. It is becoming less of an issues these days but please be aware that you could still be affected if your provider is still one that charges an administration fee. Artlines Media Ltd. does not charge for transfers.

Why do Hosting Costs differ so much?
Purchasing Domain names has been made relatively simple these days. However there are some providers that like to entice owners by offering very low cost Domain Name purchasing, but then provide higher Hosting prices whilst you are already locked in to their Domain Name contract. With Hosting you really do get what you pay for. The general rule is the more it costs the less hassle the service will be to use. There are some exceptions obviously. However, from our experience, Low cost offers usually give us the biggest headaches! If you are thinking of buying hosting for a website or for email please ask us first.

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