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Website Statistics | Analytics

Published | 13.17, 6th of January 2010, by Paul Butler | Marketing

Some website hosting companies provide valuable statistical information as part of their hosting service. Yet many website owners lack a curtain understanding of just how this important data can really benefit those in the know. Statistics providing important data on website visitor traffic allows owners and marketers direct feedback on both on-line and off-line sales and marketing activity. Measurement is the key to marketing spend so if you can monitor who is looking at what and when, there is more chance of success now as well as for the future.

Some website owners have absolutely no idea how visitors discover their on-line presence. Whereas others understand the importance of such technology and benefit greatly over their competition. Obtaining information on one or a number of factors is of course very useful however we need to look at the bigger picture. Data produced from several areas can give us this. For instance it is handy to know that 75% of your visitors land on your website from a search engine but it is even more valuable if you can see what keywords they used, what landing pages are your most popular and what other pages of your website then catch their eyes once they are on board. There may be one product or service that is considerably more popular than the others. So if you can identify this and replicate that model elsewhere, increased sales in other products or services will increase overall company revenue.

Some systems, but not all, provide IP Addresses that contain a company name. This is reliant on the visitor publishing their company name as part of their IP Address obviously but again it does allow a pro-active website owner the opportunity to target a specific prospect if that is what is required. The next question is "Do you have access to your own website statistics and if so, what can it tell you about your own visitor traffic?"

Artlines Media uses Google Analytics. If you would like to know how website statistics or analytics can help you, contact the Artlines Media team on 01494 614 600 today.

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1 in 7 web page views target Social Media giant Facebook

Published | 13.33, 16th of October 2009, by Paul Butler | Marketing

According to a recent survey by Hitwise, Facebook accounted for 14.5% of all UK Internet page views during the month of September 2009. That is equal to 1 in every 7. Overall UK visits to Facebook increased by just over 86% between September 08 and September 09. In fact, so popular has the website become that visits have more than doubled over the last 14 months. The Social Media website owned by Facebook Inc, accounted for nearly half of all UK Internet based visits to any social networking website portal, during September 2009. It was also the second most visited website in the UK for this period after Google UK, and it received more page views than Google UK, eBAY UK and YouTube combined.

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Design can bring new business through the door during a recession

Published | 11.03, 15th of June 2009, by Paul Butler | Marketing

A recent article in the Times highlights the need for small businesses to spend on marketing during a recession. Theo Paphitis, star of Dragons' Den recommends using smart money to maximize the potential for new growth through effective marketing and quality website designs. The results from The Times/Barclays Have your Say survey show that concerns relating to attracting new business are the main priority for many smaller enterprises and the advice is to keep spending on marketing and invest in web technology and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Many small business owners agree that they could do better with their marketing and that finding new customers was the biggest concern on their minds. Other suggestions include keeping a close eye on the competition and learning from their strategies.

Click here to read the full article

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Google | Behavioural Marketing

Published | 15.49, 11th of March 2009, by Paul Butler | Marketing

A new buzz phrase or something that has been established for years? Google is the latest organisation in the firing line. Some say that privacy rights are being infringed. Others that the practice allows for targeted advertising, saving time and money.

Typically associated with the World Wide Web,
Behavioural Marketing targets future advertising at those that are being monitored.  Cookies tell advertisers what you find interesting. This in turn allows the advertisers to save money by focusing their marketing activity on those visitors that are more likely to buy. Sound familiar?

Let's put it another way. Marketers use data collated to target future marketing activity for maximum return on investment. I've talked about Business Intelligence in a previous blog but as a reminder the principles are the same used by Tesco and their loyalty scheme. With Tesco it's buying trends. With Google it's visitor trends.
The old term used to be OLAP, then the activity was re-invented as Business Intelligence and now this latest term still bases it's core at analysing data relating to the past, to target the future for increased revenue.

Now the main lesson here is something we at Artlines have said many times before. Only use a service if it offers a measurable result. If you send out emails to promote a new product or service. Or if you send out a company newsletter linking to certain areas of your website. Make sure you can track who is looking at what, when and for how long. If you have a website (See my Microsoft Survey blog), make sure you have statistical reporting so you can focus your marketing spend. Then you can use these trends to maximum effect.

TV advertisers have been using Behavioural Marketing for years. Focusing certain products or services during certain times of the day for maximum impact. Ever wondered why there are so many credit card adverts and debt management adverts on during the day? Marketing suggests that woman are more likely to manage the household finances and whilst they are home with their young children, hitting them with these type of adverts gives the advertisers maximum return.

If you want to know how to promote your offer effectively call Artlines Media now on 01494 614 600.

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