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Small Businesses (SMBs/ SMEs / Sole Traders), need to delegate more..

View all blog entries Published | 11.11, 15th of May 2009

Individual business owners (Sole Traders) suffer from a understandable lack of trust. It's perfectly true that someone that has limited in-house resources needs to be careful when choosing a 3rd party supplier. Let's face it, reputations are on the line and when you're building a business reliability is also a major factor. There is however a point at which you have to trust someone.

We need to understand why projects for larger clients seem to run more smoothly and why we, as a specialist supplier, seemed to be micro-managed on certain smaller business projects. The conclusion is delegation. Decision makers working within a large organisation understand and appreciate that it is impossible to do everything by themselves. They agree that if you need to fix a tap you call a plumber and if you need a website you call a website designer/ developer. Small business owners on the other hand work mostly on their own and refrain from a complete hand-over to anyone else, despite their obvious expertise.

At Artlines Media we understand that every penny counts regardless of whether you are a Director within a large PLC or an individual trying to build a business. Multi-tasking as an IT, Accounting, Debt Collecting, Sales, Marketing, Customer Care professional, is impossible without help.

Usually after a timid start many of our clients begin to see that they can trust us completely. They understand our reasoning and appreciate our expertise. Although we could probably fix your tap as well, we can certainly guarantee a professional and cost effective design or Internet based solution. So let us help reduce the every day pressure of running a small business and give us a call now on 01494 614 600.

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Replied | tips4smallbiz - 16.00, 15th of May 2009

I agree that trust is an issue for sole traders, and this is where personality will either win or lose you a contract. However it is also true that the reality of sole trading in today's climate forces decisions on 3rd party suppliers to be made on a cost basis alone. I've witnessed sole traders regretting that they couldn't afford a better service and settling for a cheaper, less effective one in the full knowledge that they're sacrificing quality for cost. However these financially cautious sole traders generally survive the early 'breakeven' years, and often return to better, quality service providers once cashflow is more healthy and funds allow. It's almost like settling for terrestrial TV when you're a poor student, and subscribing to Sky after you've qualified and got a job.

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