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Open Questions help with communication - What, Where, Who..

View all blog entries Published | 15.26, 19th of March 2009

In a sales process there are 7 primary open questions types. These allow conversation to flow and more detailed information to be communicated. Open questions, as opposed to closed questions, support the funnel effect of a sales process. Imagine the widest part of a funnel - Open questions to get more detailed responses - reducing down to the narrow end where more specific, direct or closed questions help commit the person to a number of final Yes statements. The process typically then continues with something called the ladder of agreement, but that's not for now.

To clarify, open questions start with words that make it hard to reply to with a yes or no. Closed questions on the other hand are mainly used either to influence the direction of the conversation during the initial stages, they can be used at the trial close stage or obviously as a final close. For example, can I have your order please? As an example I have used Who What, When, Why, Who, How and Which to explain my decision to join Artlines Media.

Who | My name is Paul Butler and I am Client Communications Consultant at Artlines Media Ltd. If I had to describe myself in three words they would be:

Knowledgeable | Helpful | Trustworthy

Where | I originally come from a little village called Stanstead Abbotts (East Herts). I then moved to Hoddesdon and eventually ended up here in High Wycombe just over 10 years ago. I have always been involved in Sales and Marketing. I have even spent 2 years as a professional trainer coaching approximately 750 Sales people and Customer Care Advisors. (Not on my own I must add!)

I have worked for large companies such as Energis Telecommunication, Embarcadero Europe, The Thames Valley Auto Trader (Commercial Sales, Advertising & Design), Clearview Business Intelligence, Maximiser - CRM (Channel Management) as well as a selection of smaller IT firms focusing on Web, Contact Management, Software Development and IT Support.

When | I started at Artlines Media at the end of November 2008 after spending 20 years managing Sales and Marketing strategies for various companies throughout the south east. Design has always been a passion of mine and following my natural artistic interest is something I have always really enjoyed.

Why | I joined Artlines Media because I could see a great foundation and a superb vision for the future. We offer much more than just Web Design or Design for Print. We offer a real marketing resource for businesses in any industry, Sole Traders to PLCs. We are business people and we look further than just design.

How | We look at how the whole business marketing plan is put together not just what the initial enquiry was for. Then we examine what the client wants comparing that with what they actually need. Then we work out the most cost effective way to achieve the goals they have in mind incorporating factors such as target audience, the offer, previous buying trends and so on.

Which | Which Agency? There are many agency style consultancies like Artlines Media but NONE offer the same combination of valuable experience and new thinking. Since 1985 Artlines has offered quality through a magnifying glass. Let's put it this way, Artlines Media must be extremely good, otherwise I wouldn't be here.

What | What you should do now is call me on 01494 614 600. Then we can talk 1-2-1 about your current concerns and plan a successful campaign to suit your specific demands.

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