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Blog (June 2009)

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User Names and Passwords | Keep them safe...

Published | 14.35, 30th of June 2009, by Paul Butler | Random

Many software applications and web based portals use user names and passwords to secure private areas and protect valuable information. This might include bank details or personal data for example. In addition, email accounts require a secure gateway to protect against identity theft and rogue spammers.

When you receive your user name and password or U/N and P/W, keep it safe. It is not the responsibility of your software/ web/ email supplier to store information such as this. In most cases they will offer to reset your user name and password on your behalf if mislaid.

Most, including Artlines Media would also recommend that users:

  • Refrain from selecting OK when a browser asks if it is to be remembered for future entry.
  • Use a combination of letters, words and symbols for a password.
  • Also, use an unrecognisable format. For example, something other than a name, place or DOB.
  • Change a password regularly.

Remember: Keep it safe, change it regularly and make it unrecognisable...

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5,000 Grants for businesses in Buckinghamshire | Find new customers, invest in a website...

Published | 11.04, 16th of June 2009, by Paul Butler | Business

If there are two main revenue channels for any business a) New Business b) Existing customers, why not apply for a grant from Buckinghamshire County Council and improve your chances of survival by investing in a more effective commercial website?

Bucks County Council in association with the Bucks Enterprise Learning Partnership (BELP) are offering small business grants to help struggling businesses suffering from the current recession. £100,000 is being made available and grants of up to £5,000 will be offered to businesses in the area that apply within the next 3 months.

Artlines Media offer various marketing solutions and promote being smart with any funds that are available. This includes a new website, a revamp of an existing website for more effectiveness, Search Engine Optimisation campaigns, Social Media Marketing (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) support, email marketing campaigns providing live statistics and measurable results and direct mailing management.

Read the full article here or visit the BELP website for an application form.

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Design can bring new business through the door during a recession

Published | 11.03, 15th of June 2009, by Paul Butler | Marketing

A recent article in the Times highlights the need for small businesses to spend on marketing during a recession. Theo Paphitis, star of Dragons' Den recommends using smart money to maximize the potential for new growth through effective marketing and quality website designs. The results from The Times/Barclays Have your Say survey show that concerns relating to attracting new business are the main priority for many smaller enterprises and the advice is to keep spending on marketing and invest in web technology and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Many small business owners agree that they could do better with their marketing and that finding new customers was the biggest concern on their minds. Other suggestions include keeping a close eye on the competition and learning from their strategies.

Click here to read the full article

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Artlines Media | a brand should be influential

Published | 16.36, 11th of June 2009, by Paul Butler | Design

A brand should mean something. Like people, the most influential have always stood for something and let their feelings guide them in everything they do. A brand should also do remarkable things. Quiet, grey, boring brands appear almost invisible. At Artlines Media we prefer a brand to stand out, get noticed and be remembered. Buying trends have also changed. We can no longer herd the buying public like sheep. Instead we have to influence them in an intelligent way.

The Internet has made the world a much smaller place. Whole communities communicate via the web and people are far more informed than ever before. Because of this a brand has to adapt because of its accountability. It also means that a brand can offer greater opportunities and become even more influential. Top brands understand how to capitalise on the collective wisdom of their followers, to maximise the effects of their influences.

A brand is a series of promises that do not change over time. So while a brand is making promises that do not change (avoiding what is known as a flickering brand), the product and the way it articulates its core offer is still able to change, as the world around it changes.

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Hey good looking! | BT confirms SME website owners must spend on SEO

Published | 12.53, 1st of June 2009, by Paul Butler | SEO

It's even easier than ever for small businesses to utilise the Internet these days. Obvious benefits such as a worldwide audience, open 24/7/365 and offering easy shopping allow website owners a vast treasure trove of opportunities. However, as a BT Business survey confirmed recently, it isn't just about having a good website design. It has to be visible too.

The survey of more than 70,000 SME websites found many had alarming and damaging weaknesses, with an incredible 13% owners actually rating their own web presence as very poor. The statistics from BT also confirm only 1 in 3,000 were using keywords and an astonishing 42% have websites with bad pages containing broken or invalid links.

Businesses must understand that it is not enough just to have a good looking website. It has to work, be kept up to date and owners need to employ a Search Engine Optimisation strategy to maximise on their website's full potential. Otherwise is it a waste of money.

Ensuring a website to be found on Google does not have to cost a fortune if managed correctly. Many measures are free or at least offer a good Return on Investment (ROI). Websites do not have to be expensive or complicated. A website should be a dynamic sales and marketing tool that offers easy navigation, a great first impression and up to date information.

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