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New Design for Artlines Website

Published | 10.53, 27th of January 2010, by Jay Vincent | Design

We decided to give our own website a fresh new make-over for the new decade! We've opted for a functional, minimalist and light design, to highlight the content and improve navigation.

The new site makes use of a couple of neat little tricks to improve performance and general user interaction, including sIFR flash replacement on the page's main titles and image spriting on the navigation menu.

We now feel we have a website which, not only presents valuable information to potential clients, but showcases our own abilities, technically and creatively.

Comments and feedback are of course welcome!

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Beauty and the brief

Published | 13.10, 22nd of January 2010, by Chris van Aurich | Design

Beauty is that creative masterpiece that every designer strives for, the thing that makes them smile with artistic glee. But that as a designer is not our job, the job we undertake should - yes - be creative but our objective should always be the client's desired end product, hence the brief.

Designing isn't a secret activity we carry out behind closed doors, magically emerging with a sparkling new creative masterpiece. It starts when decisions about 'why', 'how' and 'when to go ahead with a project' are being taken.

Design work begins with a brief setting out the aims and objectives of a project and outlining certain targets and parameters for its completion. But, ideally, designers need to be involved before the brief is even written for two reasons - first, its members will understand the brief better if they've had a hand in composing it and, secondly, the customer-focused, creative skills that designers possess can help decide the direction the project should take.

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New Business | Branding, Business Cards, Logo Design, Websites, Letterheads

Published | 13.23, 13th of January 2010, by Paul Butler | Business

It's obvious that there is a lot to organise when starting a new business. You need a product or service to sell. Processes need to be defined. Distribution may be required. Plus of course you need to make sure there is enough profit at the end of the day. A great idea is to write business plan. It will help define all of the processes involved, the finances required and whether the business case is a viable one. A business plan also helps us too.

Artlines Media regularly supports new business ventures. We provide cost effective solutions for bearing in mind money may be tight during the early days. Juggling all of the components involved can be very time consuming. Another reason why many prefer to hand over sole responsibility to us, so that they may focus elsewhere. Clients trust Artlines Media. They feel they are getting value for money and great advice. So if you are starting a new business, have a business plan and would like to chat informally about the services we provide call us now on 01494 614 600.

It's not about spending loads or committing to a financial burden, it's about being smart with small amount you do have and measuring whatever you do so you can replicate any successes.

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Snow and bad weather affecting business?

Published | 12.24, 13th of January 2010, by Paul Butler | Business

Many understand that owning a website is a necessity. However, how many also realise that there are financial benefits too? Take the recent snowy conditions. Across the UK businesses have suffered because employees have been unable to commute. Sometimes because of traffic chaos, others because of child care issues when schools are closed. I should know, I have two myself.

Any business that owns a website can still maintain a reasonable trading status. Although production may slow, a website can provide a great source of lead generation if backed by a successful SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) campaign. Some clients use their e-commerce website to sell products and some, bums on seats at organised events. Others manage their whole client support infrastructure via the Internet. A website can be much more than just a simple on-line company brochure. It can truly assist in the development of additional revenue over that created by an existing, employed sales team.

Additional benefits include:

  • A website never takes a holiday
  • It never takes time off due to illness
  • It has no dependants so there's no child care issues
  • It's available 24/7/365
  • A website broadcasts the same message, exactly how you want it to be said, time after time
  • If it's designed correctly it can provide a great first impression of the company
  • A website will enhance any established brand or help define a new one. Making your customers feel safe and secure in the process.
  • It's useful, keeping customers updated on important industry and company news
  • Many owners now blog, again providing additional information in an easily accessible, two way conversational style.
  • A website can be an important commercial tool either on its own or even more so, when it encapsulates other business areas such as; order processing, invoicing through a secure client area for example, white paper distribution, client support, technical support, order tracking, customer account management, stock control, general sales and marketing activity. The list goes on...

Artlines Media will help you discover the true potential of an existing website or indeed if you plan to introduce something completely new. We will look at administration, who it will target and how best to recover the investment you make. Working with us you will understand that it is also about long term business relationships. Once the website is finished we will monitor and measure the results and advise on an ongoing basis so that you maximise on your new website's potential as and when your industry or client's buying trends alter.

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Dynamic or Static Website? | What's the difference

Published | 13.42, 6th of January 2010, by Paul Butler | Business

A website is a must have for most businesses these days. However the technology and jargon used can be very off-putting for many business owners. One example of this are the terms static or dynamic when used in conjunction with a new website build. Some owners and administrators require access to the content/ text published on their website pages. This may be to update a price list or keep their visitors updated on the latest company news. In a dynamic example, the content or text is stored within a database which can then be accessed by the client as and when necessary. A secure yet easy to use browser based interface provides low cost/ free maintenance of the website. However there is of course an initial cost implication to this high level of convenience.

Other owners rarely need to update their website content. There may be one or two changes over the year so a static website is a more cost effective option. Any changes are sent to the website provider who then charges for their time on an ad-hoc basis.

Artlines Media recommends the best option for every client following a free consultation. We look at how our client wishes to maintain the content, how often it is to be updated and the budget available. If you would like to take more control and update your own website on a more regular basis, get in touch now on 01494 614 600.

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