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Published | 11.11, 8th of June 2009, by Paul Butler | Business

It is a major concern for most firms that their chosen website supplier or host should disappear when further work is required or urgent support needed. Many alternative suppliers refuse to support a website developed by another and hosting is now tied in with commercial communications such as email. Here we explain how a company should react to the news that their existing Web Designer, Web Developer, Web/ Email Host is no longer trading.

Web Designers fall into several categories. Whether you employ a freelance designer or a creative agency chances are a small percentage of you will experience that sinking feeling when you discover that resource you took weeks and months to select has gone to the wall. From a design aspect moving to another design resource isn't such a big issue. Review previous projects, try to find someone that has worked in your industry if you wish but remember that if they haven't this might also give you some fresh alternative ideas to work with.

Web Developers on the other hand can be more of an issue to replace. Many prefer to work with their own code knowing full well that repercussions of a change made are expected, not unexpected. You may also need to consider any Content Management System (CMS) involved. Many suppliers either use off-the-shelf, fit everybody's requirement type solutions or in some cases their own in-house CMS product. The main thing to realise is that whoever you speak to they are unlikely to want to work with your existing code unless it is industry standard. W3C is the coding standard used within the UK and indeed most of the rest of the world. Ask for support for your existing system but bear in mind there could be a cost to change it to your new supplier's solution.

Hosting allows a website to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Servers contain files that relate to your website and usually includes an email service. Contracts run on a yearly basis so there is no need to panic unless your contract is up for renewal. Even then, most web suppliers will work with your existing host. If you are required to change for any reason make sure there are no fees involved when moving or transferring away.

Artlines Media receives calls on a regular basis from website owners that experience these issues. We are skilled and experienced enough to hand hold you through the processes involved. So, if you are currently struggling and need support for a half finished project or require help with an existing website call us now on 01494 614 600.

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