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Beauty and the brief


Beauty is that creative masterpiece that every designer strives for, the thing that makes them smile with artistic glee. But that as a designer is not our job, the job we undertake should – yes – be creative but our objective should always be the client's desired end product, hence the brief.

Designing isn't a secret activity we carry out behind closed doors, magically emerging with a sparkling new creative masterpiece. It starts when decisions about 'why', 'how' and 'when to go ahead with a project' are being taken.

Design work begins with a brief setting out the aims and objectives of a project and outlining certain targets and parameters for its completion. But, ideally, designers need to be involved before the brief is even written for two reasons – first, its members will understand the brief better if they've had a hand in composing it and, secondly, the customer-focused, creative skills that designers possess can help decide the direction the project should take.

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